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Job Success Score Fix

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Zach M Member Since: May 11, 2020
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Same here.


My job success score also dropped 100% to 93%.

I recently worked 3 projects and completed everything with quality result.

So, I had 3 happy clients and got 3 excellent feedback from them.

I don't understand why it drops in this case.

Please advise me what was wrong.


Thank you!


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Dana G Member Since: Mar 21, 2016
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Yeah, I have to say, Upwork is really disappointing in this realm.  It needs to be more transparent about job success scores. 


I have not been on Upwork for sometime.  The last time I was, I had a 100% success rate and -- importantly, I think -- was a dues-paying Upwork user.  I just checked my profile and, after several months of nothing, I suddenly have a 76% job score!  Clearly, this has nothing to do with private feedback (I know this because I've seen it happen multiple times over the years -- my score drops precipitously when I'm away from Upwork, then pops right back up after I've been back on the platform for a while and, especially, if I become a dues-paying member).  So I can only assume that Upwork is punishing me for not having been on the platform for a while. 


So I have to ask, given that this seems to be some sort of strategy on Upwork's part, who in the world can get a job with a 76% job score?  If you want to punish us for not paying you dues, fine, but find some other way to do it, or to reward those who do.  Bundling your incentive/disincentives into job success scores is just not fair -- a "success" score should be just that -- an exclusive reflection of one's actual feedback as a freelancer, both public and private.  By telling the world I have a 76% success rate, you're basically suggesting I'm an inferior freelancer, which I am not -- every single review I have is 5-stars and, as I said, if I had negative feedback it would have shown up long ago.  The only thing that has changed is that I haven't used Upwork in a while. 


(Also, on the unrelated topic of private feedback, while you of course need not tell us who left the private feedback or what they said, why not be transparent in telling us, for example, that while your public feedback is X, your private feedback is Y, thus you have an overall success rate of Z.  You at least owe us this level of transparency.)

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Dana G Member Since: Mar 21, 2016
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I actually reached out to an exec at Upwork and, to my surprise, she got right back to me and was very helpful.  Here's what she said about my situation:


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I definitely appreciated the response, though I told her that I thought it a bit strange that something so arbitrary could wrench a 100% score to 76% in a matter of months.  In any event, I also suggested this to her:


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Martina P Member Since: Jul 11, 2018
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David C wrote:

My success score has recently dropped a few percent.  But I have only had 3 completed jobs with excellent scores and many other jobs have gone dormant for the moment.  I read in this same thread that if a job has money spent on it that goes dormant that it does not hurt your success score.  So all of my currently open jobs have had money spent on them.  So I am wondering what is causing my success score to start declining.


I also had one recent potential client that turned out to be a problem and I bowed out of the project politely before the project ever started.  Could this potential client have provided negative feedback, even though no project was started, that could impact my success score? 


Thanks much.



If you have not been hired, no impact. If you have been hired and earned no money and the contract was ended, that's not good for your rating.