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Hello Upwork Gurus,


I have a question. I received until now only five stars and top written feedback on my Upwork profile. But when I look at my stats I see only 89% Job Score. Can anyone try to explain this to me? There is message that I almost Top rated. What shall I do to get top rated?


All the best. Iman

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Iman,


Please note that in addition to public feedback, clients leave private feedback which is also included in the Job Success Score calculation. You can read more about the way your score is calculated in this Help article.


In order to become Top Rated, you need to maintain a 90% or higher Job Success Score for 13 weeks (check the Stats page on your account) and meet the remaining requirements shared here.


Thank you Vladimir for your response. So that means the Top Rated Flag can only be earned after 12 months working on Upwork. Right?


All the best Iman



You can become Top Rated even after 16 weeks of maintaining JSS higher than 90% provided other requirements are met. Some freelancers can become Top Rated way sooner than 12 month after signing up.

~ Valeria