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Nikita S Member Since: Sep 12, 2018
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Hi, folks!


I'm a programmer by trade, but I can also do some sound and graphics design, and pixelart. Moreover, I've different level of experience in different programming languages.


For example, I know C/C++ at a good level, but my Java knowledge is less impressive. What should I put into my job title? Just "Software Engineer" or simply "C/C++ Programmer"? Or maybe I should create different profiles for different jobs?


Thank you in advance!

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Nikita, 

Please know that you will not be allowed to create more than one account on Upwork as it is a violation of the Upwork Terms of Service to have more than one account. 


I would suggest that you focus on the skills that you have more experience in, making sure that it is apparent on your profile. It would be best to highlight the skill you are proficient at on your profile title, and expound on it on your profile overview, and other sections of your profile so that your clients have an idea what you can offer them. 


Seeing as you are new on Upwork, I would suggest that you read up on the freelancer resources we have compiled here for great tips and insights on how you can work successfully on the platform. For more information about working safely through Upwork, please read these tips for avoiding questionable jobs.

~ Avery

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