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Job feed on browser is showing old jobs but in mobile app it's showing recent

Hello there, everyone! 
Since I'm new to the Upwork site, I'm having some difficulties. 
For example, on my mobile app job feed, I can view the most recently posted jobs, i.e. jobs that were uploaded a few minutes ago, however on my browser/laptop, I can see jobs that were posted a day or 13-14 hours ago, so this is a real concern for me. 
I would be really happy if someone was able to figure it out. 
PS. I have read a few posts in the community that if we remove saved jobs then we will be able to see the recent job. But in my case, I haven't saved any job so this solution will not work for me.
I have also attached the picture of my mobile and browser feeds. If someone can figure it out I'll be really thankful. 
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Moreover, the same job on the mobile app is showing - posted a few mins ago while it is showing posted 13hour ago on the browser. 

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Hi Muhammad,


Could you please try clearing your cache and cookies or using a different browser to see if the results are the same? Also, you can try saving some searchesYour feeds are powered by your saved searches and will consist of the jobs that fit the query and filters you use when saving those searches.


Thank you.

~ Bojan
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