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Job offers I did not apply to that seem like a scam

These "offers" advise that my resume was carefully selected for such and such position and I must respond via google hangouts asap. I realize this is probably a scam, and I have no responded to these offers. Should I be rejecting them? On another note, I am curious how one is to start gaining experience and momentum with Upwork if they are unable to accquire jobs that one is very qualified for? I apply, and hear nothing. Most legit opportunities wont hire unless you hav extensive upwork experience, how am I supposed to get started?




Here is what I would do to help land jobs.


Remove that spelling test result from your profile.  It doesn't say good things about you.


I'd rewrite your overview.  This is important from a client's point of view


"In addition I have experience managing schedules, data entry, accounting, email management, and extensive telephone work. My experience has built a foundation that allows me to quickly analyze, address and resolve matters accurately.


but you buried it.


Put your skills up front as well.


Keep plugging and dodging the scammers!


Most of the answers here will tell you to take more tests and try to revise your profile, but from my point of view and as i see that your experience is in my same field let me tell you that most of the jobs about customer service on upwork is not real or serious.


your chance might be better as you are located inside of USA, as some jobs require that.


I think your instincts are right, Jessica. A couple of years ago, I was invited to "interview" on Google Hangouts by what I thought was a legitimate company. Indeed, it WAS a legitimate company; the problem was that the person doing my "interview" was NOT in any way employed by or associated with that company. I really dodged a bullet on that one because the scammer was asking for personal information and my bank account info.


As for how a newbie can get started, there are occassionally ads that say the client is willing to take on new contractors. Usually, those opportunities don't pay much, but if you do well, you can get good feedback scores that will put future prospective clients at ease.


Also, you can be proactive and try bidding super-low for one-off projects that you feel you can do a great job with. These projects don't even have to be completely related to your main skill. That too will garner you some positive feedback scores. This is actually how I got my start years ago here on Upwork (which was then called oDesk).


If you're gonna go with one of these approaches, I recommend that you stalk the latest job ads as they come in so that you can apply ASAP. Often, jobs go quickly, and if you're not an early bird, there will be no worm for you.


I hope this helps! Best wishes to you in your search.