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Job recommendation is not matching skills

Hi guys, please let me know if you have a solution. Thanks a lot!

Recently I keep getting "Graphic design" job recommendations. I did search for this type of job in the past but now I want to focus on UI/UX, mobile, and web app design. I changed it a while ago but Upwork still recommends me graphic design jobs. You can see the picture below to get the idea. Please help, thanks, guy!



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Actually the Job Recommendations are matching your Skills corrrectly because Upwork can't read your intent, but instead reads your Upwork Profile. If you don't want graphic design work, it must all be removed from your profile Title, Summary, Portfolio, and Skills including any related semantic words. Have a great day!

thanks, William for this answer, I have removed all the things that are related to graphic design, but it doesn't work. I also try to dislike graphic design work as doesn't match skill as shown below, but Upwork still recommend me graphic design job, sometimes even jobs that I can't do at all like product design





The Upwork algo doesn't always update immediately especially if the changes were minor. Give it a few days to update. Thanks!


Hi Nhat,


Thank you for your message. Could you please try running a search with the related skills and then save your searches? Here's the help page on how to save searches to get more relevant jobs on your feeds.


Thank you,



thanks, Pradeep. I think this is a good alternative solution for now.

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