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Balasubramanian J Member Since: Dec 14, 2019
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I have been active for a couple of weeks and generally having a pleasant time. One thing that is slightly bothering me is how to decide whether to apply for a slightly old job. I see week old jobs still open, that say "looking to hire 3 or 5 freelancers". When I check the no of hires it is usually 1 or 2 ( less than the wanted number). And the client active status is also old. Does this usually indicate that hiring is done and i shouldnt apply? I applied for a few jobs like these spending most of my connects before i started wondering whether i am applying for filled jobs. Shouldnt upwork have another indicator that says whether hiring is still on or not? Or make the client update the status after each hire and/or every few days the job stays open? It will end up making the freelancers job hunt much more efficient.
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Robin H Member Since: May 28, 2019
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Your connects is money.  It can cost you from $.15 to $.90.  If a job mentions the client will hire between 3-5 freelancers, 2 have been hired, pay attention to the # of propoal submissions.  Is it 20+?  I would pass.  Has the job been opened more than a few days?  I'd probably pass on that as well.


Just because a client writes one thing they may do another.  They may never hire (and a lot don't).  You look for hire %, feedback, # of proposals submitted and hire # (if applicable).  


Be smart about applying.