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Job still in progress - No Feedback from Client

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Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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As Nichola explained, the client is billed automatically by Upwork when they fund a milestone and then release it. You don't need to bill the client separately. Also, remember that all payments have to go through Upwork. Offering or accepting payments outside of Upwork is a serious violation of ToS.

~ Valeria
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Ana L Member Since: Mar 8, 2017
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Thank you, Valeria,


I know the guidelines. It is the first thing I read on UpWork.


I find quite difficult to explain that it is NOT me who is trying to bill the client myself. Maybe my English is not so good to make you understand what I am trying to explain.


It is the client who is asking me for a bill and not me!!! (And, of course, I am not  going to bill them outside UpWork, as it has no sense at all)


As the client really pays UpWork and not me, I just wanted to confirm before telling the client that they must ask UpWork for the bill.


The client has hired 4 times before on the platform. I assume they must know how it works (!?). So, it sounds very strange to me that they keep asking these kind of questions to me instead of closing the contract and add just 11,6$ as a compensation.


Anyway, I repeat I do not understand why you keep on informing me about my account being suspended!!??



All the best,