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Job warning signs

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Susan B Member Since: Jan 29, 2013
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you are a hoot!!
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Khurshid A Member Since: Dec 3, 2008
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Great! Great!! Great!!! Eye opener of Contractors!
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Arnil S Member Since: Aug 22, 2011
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Darren, you are brilliant!!
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Marija J Member Since: Jul 27, 2011
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One of my newest favourite warnings: ,,Very simple, do it while you are watching TV or talking on the phone. Simple! Will pay .33 cents an hour for this extremely easy work." Yes.. I will watch TV with my right eye and the computer screen with my left one. I will hold the remote with my right hand and the mouse with my left one. After earning a fortune with this rate, I will probably have to go to the doctor's to check my eyesight or I will apply for a position in circus.
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Fiona M Member Since: Apr 19, 2011
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Oh darn, can't believe I missed this great opportunity. A whole 33 cents an hour. At that rate I'll be able to buy a Big Mac at the end of the month. Wow.Some offers are truly ridiculous!
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Rory L Member Since: Oct 12, 2011
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That’s disconcerting. But thanks for the well written article, a good refresher.
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Maricel A Member Since: Nov 28, 2011
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I am a newbie, and i have this feeling i'm about to get scammed. the notification and message sent to me has all the impressions of a fixed and not hourly rates even when in its ad, it said hourly. and it said i can start, giving instructions for downloading a program. no contract or anything else appears in my My Jobs tab and I still appear as a candidate. this feels like i would be working out of odesk. will someone help me? how should i proceed?
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Janeth N Member Since: Jun 27, 2008
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Hi Maricel. I had just answered your thread Smiley Happy If you can't see it in your My Jobs tab then you are not officially hired therefore you don't need to do any work. Trust your instincts Smiley Happy --- Citizens of the Philippines are called Filipinos, not Philippians
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Exp U Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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Pyjamas? I didn't know there was a uniform.
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Richard W Member Since: Jul 16, 2010
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Pyjamas - legal requirement under terms of OSHAC safety regulations - see under section on protective and safety clothing - to be worn in case of fire - usually resulting from overheated mouse. Provision of such clothing suitable for use in the workplace is the responsibility of the employer.