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Job warning signs

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Günther V Member Since: May 12, 2015
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Another example I observed is the posting of the same (long term) job over and over again within a period of months and a long list of freelancers performing this job for just a few days/weeks.

Indicates a lousy employer.


2.) Apparent "fake" good ratings by a freelancer and client which just performed that newly posted job for a short period- why would one look for another job/freelancer if the candidate/client was sooo perfect. (of course there may be personal reasons, but those would be mentioned then)

ANALYZE the "stars" careful before going into a long term job.


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Deacon T Member Since: Jul 26, 2015
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I love that you had the courage to post this, as it mirrors my feelings precisely.  


I've been in business for many years and have had the instinct to avoid scams, but it's sad that Elance and Upwork often feel a little....what's the word: 'slimy?' at times.  


When I'm looking at projects and seeing that at least 50% are complete scams and another 45% are zero budget, it gets a little disheartening.


As a platform, Upwork has a ridiculous amount of potential, but there needs to be much higher job posting standards.

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Maria Del Carmen M Member Since: Aug 27, 2015
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Hi Deacon,


"Job Posting Standards": That is perfectly said!!! Awesome!




Maria Del Carmen

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Kathleen W Member Since: Dec 28, 2015
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couldnt figure out how to do my own reply 

great list...but what if some one asks for personal ss card info for taxes? i didnt provide that sounds like identity theft to me?

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Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Kathleen,


Please, do not share private information such as social security number or bank account information with clients on Upwork. Freelancers are resposible for their own taxes and all payments need to be done through the platfom, so there is no need to provide that information to your clients.


~ Valeria
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Evelynn J Member Since: Apr 27, 2015
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Clients should not be asking for that information! They should be aware of us being independent contractors, and that Upwork sees to it that tax information is already taken care of. Explain that to clients after politely declining to provide that information, and maybe even ask if this is something that will be a fit for them. If it is a scammer, you will be able to tell and you can report them to Upwork. 

Evelynn Jones
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Gloria L Member Since: Mar 8, 2016
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I am not going to aay that the long list of jobs posted with ridiculous bosses is not true. I have seen so many of the jobs posted exactly as mentioned above, see original post.


And while in an idealic world yes, a boss- would protet 'us' indenpendent contractors. But it is not so. Not even when you are hired face to face as a freelance unless you work for a specific company. And then even then, the admin may take the side of the boss who has used your services so as to not get 'sued'.


I think that it is hard to be a contractor online. I have indicated some of the issues I have found on my blog on but this is the nature of the beast. Independ contractor means you have to get in there and fight your battles. Choose them first, decide if the boss or that person who is hiring you seems to be ok because you are independent, and you work for no one but yourself.


I have been on my own this way from say one. When working for anyone who provides you a place to do business, they will not discourage business to their location - online or off- because you work for them. (in their establishment) This is asking them to basically be your dad or mom.


I find your demands a bit unrealistic.

Even when the job description is perfect and you love the job and the boss is basically honest he is still going to be hard to work for. There is no easy way out. If you think being an independent is what it is advertised to be "Be your own boss what everyone dreams of being and end all of your problems" That is a lie. It has never been easier than getting to a location and putting in a few hours putting inventory on shelves. That is easy.


I think contractors just need to man / woman up and be responsible and decide what your job IS. In exchange for working from home, not having to drive to an office, and oh so many other benefits, you must establish a credible persona- online and off. Sometimes that means proving your worth to those who could use you- in future or now. Yes, sometimes that means showing them what you can do- portfolio. Sometimes it means you are bored need something to keep your skills up and take work for free, I would not but sometimes they give you all of the specs and you hope they will pay you in exchange but if they do not then for goodness sake, you have only yourself to blame and cannot force money out of anyone-


It is best however, if you advertise on your own sites, in your warm markets and finds friends or family who could use your services, establish some name for yourself where you live and have them contact you or have them send others to you or allow social media where you advertise to cold markets to find you here on upwork because you don't know them and want Upwork to provide the escrow services so you know you are getting paid.


Seriously, one can't be a conctractor without proper business skills or entrepreneurial skills. Get them the best way you can and if you come across some bumps in your learning chalk it up to learning the dos and don'ts. but no need for what I have seen in other posts, where people are scawbing. Yes, my spelling is not the best and this is what I get for being bilingual, please forgive. Spell check on here would be lovely, btw. Smiley Happy


So happy job hunting and nothing is ever wasted. Do not get angry, jusy learn from your experiences and don't get taken advantage of unless you need the experience of getting a job Smiley Happy

I hope you are always paid something even if it is a small something, something is better than nothing.


G. L.

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Teresa D Member Since: Apr 28, 2016
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Deacon T: As a platform, Upwork has a ridiculous amount of potential, but there needs to be much higher job posting standards.


"Slimy" is indeed the word. Bravo!

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Seun F Member Since: May 26, 2016
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all of these concerns have taken care of the freelancers; what are the warning signs for job advertisers 

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Katrina B Member Since: Jan 9, 2011
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Make sure you have a contract in place and hire on the platform.  

"Fairness is giving all people the treatment they earn and deserve. It doesn't mean treating everyone alike-Coach John Wooden"