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Just approved onto platform!

Hello peers,


I wanted to introduce myself and get familiar with the message board.  I am new to Upwork but not to freelancing.  I have been freelancing a lot with **Edited for Community Guidelines** recently and finishing my personal website.  I look forward to reading the valuable information here and getting to know everyone. 



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Welcome to Upwork Michelle. 


Before starting please read this thread by our community moderator. Here are some educational videos and blog posts, and best practices shared by other users and Upwork, to help you get started on Upwork


Want to get that first job? Then check this out...
Submitting a Winning Proposal on Upwork
Proposal Workshop Video
Submitting an Upwork Proposal (video)

I hope this will help. Good luck!


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Read all of the articles that Upwork recommends for new freelancers on the platform. That way you aren't posting in a week about how someone scammed you, or how you did hourly work without using the tracker and now the client won't pay you etc.


I read a lot on the platforms, and I was able to learn from other people's mistakes, and the advice that experienced Upworkers gave them.

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