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Just starting up - introduction - looking for feedback

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Jesper R Member Since: May 19, 2018
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Greetings Upworks community.


My profile was created in 2014 as I was asked if I wanted to do a job with regards to language back then. However after that one job I did not use Upworks (back then it was called Odesk) much/at all as I was really busy with my full time job. However, now I have decided to come back to Upworks and give my freelance career a chance. So I guess you can say that I am just getting started with Upworks. 


I am a VFX artist, specialized in FX for Tv and feature films using 3dsmax and Houdini. I have spend probably 2 weeks now polishing my profile, adjusting my rate according to my time vs value vs competetion on upworks. I have also tried to display experience through job history as well as portfolio pieces and showreel.


I have ofcourse watched the introduction to upworks tutorials, read the blogs on how to get started, blog with tips and tricks from the pros, and watched the seminar "how to make the first $1k on upworks". Is it correctly understood that I cannot achieve the rising talent status because of the age of my profile?


I would love it, if I could get some feedback on my profile, as well as my English grammar and use of vocabulary. Also any tips, tricks, blogs, or videos I might have missed will be greatly appreciated.


I am really positive about Upworks, and I hope I can be successfull on the platform.




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Jo-An B Member Since: Aug 2, 2016
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Hi Jesper,

Welcome to Upwork! Please check these helpful resources on how to get started, it has some tips and this will guide you through the process of building your profile and fast-tracking your Upwork career. Please check this blog for instructions and advice on how to create a great Portfolio.


Happy Upworking!

~ Jo-An

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Jesper R Member Since: May 19, 2018
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I am gonna up the post in hope that someone will give me some feedback