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Lacking communication from client

This is my first client. They asked for an artist to paint two portraits on canvas and send the painting to them. It was requested Monday and so I asked a few questions like what their budget was so I could calculate how long I should take on the painting. She didn’t respond until Thursday but then said her mother Was getting married the next day and it was a gift and asked me to start on it but didn’t really answer my questions. So I accepted it and asked more questions and even purchased the canvas and asked that the cost of the canvas and shipping be included. But if the wedding was on Friday and yet the acceptance time frame would have ended today and she hasn’t responded I don’t know if I should start on this because I’m not sure if she actually wanted it on Friday? So many questions, so confused. I also don’t want to log a ton of hours and have her be surprised of the cost. Also if it would be shipped to her she definitely wouldn’t have had it by then anyways.

Should I start on this since it seemed like time was a factor? Should I wait for a response and more information so we are on the same page?

Hi Ash,


I'm sorry to hear your client is unresponsive. If you are awarded a contract but receive no work materials, we suggest talking to the client about the project and the reason why it isn't moving forward. If the contract won't move forward, you should close it as soon as possible or ask the client to do so and leave feedback if possible. Please consider that contracts with no earnings and no feedback, whether closed or not, can significantly lower your future Job Success Score because they indicate client dissatisfaction. 

If you feel your client has been unresponsive for a considerable amount of time, we can have one of our agents reach out to the client on your behalf. Please let me know if this is something you'd like to do.




So if I close the contract right now it will negatively affect my JSS?
Should I still log in hours if I already purchased a canvas and began
There wasn't clear communication on if she actually wanted this for sure
last Friday so I am nervous to proceed in case she has changed her mind.

So I guess the best option is to wait for a response?
Thank you
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