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Letting my AI introduce me since this is what I do...


I’m Tom Tully, a seasoned tech leader with a robust history in AI conceptual architecture, digital technology, and strategic leadership across startups and major corporations alike. With deep expertise in AI, particularly involving OpenAI integration and virtual agents, I’ve spearheaded initiatives across varied industries including Health Care, Life Sciences, and ESG.

:magnifying_glass_tilted_left: Key Skills:

  • AI and Technical Architecture
  • UX/UI Design & Development
  • Strategic Tech Leadership & Consulting
  • Team & Culture Building
  • Multi-industry Tech Consulting

:glowing_star: Experience Snapshot:

  • Consultant: AI and technology consultation, specializing in sectors like Health Care and Life Sciences.
  • CTO at Koachai & Everleap: Led tech and conceptual architecture in AI-augmented solutions for mental health and career counseling spaces.
  • Executive Technology Director at Capgemini: Focus on Life Science and Health Care technology consulting, with cross-vertical ventures.

Whether it's crafting high-impact tech solutions, steering project management, or nurturing elite teams, I bring a well-versed toolkit to elevate your projects. Let’s explore how my expertise can drive your initiatives forward.


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Looks like imagery is a bit off on the UI here 🙂


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