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Location changes

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Magela C Member Since: Jan 8, 2019
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I have a very nomadic life, should I change locations everytime Im in a new country ? or should I leave my USA location to not confuse clients ? Does it make a difference to upwork ? I may be in a country for 1 month and then in a different the next one. thanks for your help. 

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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If we're being completely honest, your situation is not what Upwork planned on when it created its platform and when it implemented all of the new location verification systems. (Which it is still working on debugging.)


Upwork DOES NOT HAVE an official "amount of time" that it can point to and say:

If you go to Country X for 4 weeks, don't update your location information. But if you stay there for 5 weeks, you must update your location.


Generally speaking, Upwork needs you to update your location when you move to a new place.

Upwork does NOT you to update your location when you go on vacation to a different place.

You, specifically, should probably NOT be updating your location at all. If Upwork's automated systems flat any discrepancies, they can contact you directly.



Upwork is officially very legal, in the sense that they will NOT tell any user that the user may break the law. So officially Upwork is going to tell people that they need to adhere to every country's visa requirements, travel restrictions, work restrictions, etc., etc.


So what a person like YOU should do is to read what information is available on Upwork's website, including in the Forum, and make your own decisions.

Don't contact Customer Support and ask them if you should change your location when you go to Country B on this specific Visa during this specific month and you'll be there for 4 weeks. You'll just make their head spin.


If you have a Netflix account, be sure to watch at least a few episodes of these series:

Border Security: America's Front Line
Border Security: Australia's Front Line
Border Security: Canada's Front Line


These reveal a lot of information that will be helpful to you.

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Magela,


Please note that US-only jobs are available only for freelancers who are physically located in the US and can verify it. If you are traveling and are away from your country of residence temporarily, you don’t need to update your location. If it does raise any flags on our end, the team will reach out to you directly.  If however, you are going to be away for an extended period, such as moving some place, then you should make updates to your account location. Please make sure you have an appropriate visa type or permit to work in a country you are situated in and pay taxes accordingly. You may need to consult with a legal advisor about it.

~ Bojan