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Logging Hours

I have a question about logging hours, should I log the hours even when researching? I am logging them when i'm productive, when I'm not productive and do research related to work i stop the tracker. Shoud I keep the tracker on during research also?

Hi Dario,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I would like to suggest that it is always good to communicate and politely explain everything to your client to avoid any misunderstanding. It might be best to reach out to your client and discuss this further. 


~ Nikola

IMO, if the research is vital to your particular job and not just a google search of how to do something, keep the tracker running.  Take notes or do something so that the tracker shows you are active.  This is what I do with my clients and I've never been questioned.  I recently had to learn a new software program for a job and I didn't bill for that time because I was developing a skill I could use with other jobs as well.  Definitely talk to your client about it.

Communicating with the client is the main thing.

Record accurate memos.


Do not feel guilty if you are logging time while working on behalf of the client.


If a client asks me to utilize a new technology or interface with a new system that I am not familiar with, I tell them that I don't know about that one and they can hire a specialist who already knows how to use that. Or they can pay me to do it, which will require doing some research. Sometimes clients hire somebody else, and I don't need to research it. Sometimes the client prefers to have me do it. Which means they are paying for my time to do the research and learn something new.


It is NOT okay for a freelancer to claim to know how to do something and then log time researching how to do it.


It IS expected that a freelancer log time when doing research as part of his job, at the client's behest.

The client is aware that I have newer worked with some technology which is not complicated, but since I did not work with it yet I have to do research on the technology used by the client to provide expected results. I often ask the client, since the client is a company and is outsourcing to me, but sometimes I want to get things done quicker without waiting for their reply. 

I guess it is okay to log the hours then, but I will listen to advice provided by Nikola and see what the client thinks about it.

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