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Logging Work : Short periods



Logging small amounts of work was no problem yesterday, '2 of 10 minutes' or '3 of 10 minutes', today though is different and the desktop isn't logging my sessions, anyone else having this problem?


Thanks in advance



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Frankly, Paul, the Upwork time-tracker application is simply NOT intended for tracking such small segments of time. I personally wish that it WAS set up to do that. But it is not.


The real intent of the time-tracker is to track work sessions that last 30 minutes or more. It takes screenshots at random intervals... approximately 10 minutes apart. But that randomization means that a screenshot and ten-minute segment may be recorded to the work diary 3 minutes from now. Or 17 minutes from now.


So if you are trying to track very short segments of time, this means that you may get paid for 10 minutes of time after working for 2 or 3 minutes. You may get paid for 10 minute of time after working nearly twenty minutes.


What are your options?

- Use manually-logged time

- Use fixed-price contracts

- Use the automated time-tracker application, while understanding and accepting its limitations

- Use a mixture of automated time-tracked time for longer work sessions, along with manually-logged time that is recorded to reflect accurate aggregate sums (but not necessarily the actual clock times-of-day) of short work sessions.


Hi Paul,


I checked your account, and it looks like you have already submitted a ticket to our team. One of our agents will update you directly on your ticket to assist you further. You may also want to try the troubleshooting steps shared on this help article. Thank you.

~ Joanne
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