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Long Time Professional Resume Writer Struggling To Find Work On UpWork!

Hello everyone,

I'm new to UpWork. I've been on the platform for maybe a month and I've sent out 50 customized proposals for resume writing and LinkedIn profile development. 

I own a resume-writing company. I've written over 1000 resumes. I send out screenshots of my reviews on Google when I apply to write contracts. I also provide a copy of my work (watermarked, low-fidelity, and only a small portion to avoid plagiarism). 

I have reviews I've requested on UpWork. I also have filled out my entire profile and have the rising star badge. I have the skills required to do very well on UpWork but cannot land a job! I have sent out dozens of proposals specifically to tech employees looking for professional writers to rewrite their resumes. I've worked in Tech as a Product Manager, Software Developer, and IT Lead Specialist for 5 years. My company SPECIALIZES In writing for these clients and I can't even land one of them!

I believe my profile is fairly strong. I'd appreciate any help. 

So far this platform seems like a waste of my effort. Charged to submit a proposal. Charged a monthly fee for connects. Charged a 20% fee on top of my work. All of that for nothing? 

This leads me to believe that something is wrong with my profile.

Again, I appreciate any kind words or help. I apologize for any negativity but I should not be struggling to land an initial job when I'm a seasoned veteran. This platform seems to solely rely on past work ON the platform.


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I am facing the same problem as you. You have all the formalities to win a project, I think it can be possible if you improve your bidding strategy. 

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