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Looking for Advice on How to Optimize Efforts to Obtain Work

Ace Contributor

Good afternoon everybody:


I am brand-spanking-new to this site, but I am already optimistic about the possibilities. What I have read so far suggests that a new member should budget their connections. My experience is almost exclusively legal writing (though I am positive those skills translate to other areas). My question is "does anybody have useful nuggets of wisdom that will help me not waste my time, or the client's time?" I look forward to hearing from the community!

Community Guru


Your profile photo is 100% unacceptable.


It's too dark.


And it features two people.


And when I look at your profile page, I don't see a portfolio. If you are a writer and you have no portfolio, please do not bother to use this site to look for work.

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You might want to add Legal to Web Content Writer if you are primarily interested in legal writing.  A niche is better than no niche...


Hi Joseph, 

I think you have received excellent feedback from the community!

I would like to suggest that you expound on your job title because it's one of the first few things a potential client sees. Pick out a job title that will make your client understand what you can do just by glancing at it. When I read it, it gave me the impression that you write content for websites. But it didn't give me insight into your legal background. 


One of the freelancer resources that we usually share to new members have already been shared, and I hope you visit that thread and read up on the links. 


Good luck, and welcome to Upwork!

~ Avery

Hi Avery:


Thank you for your response. You are 100% correct, the community response was truly exceptional. As I mentioned, I am brand new to this, so I am not entirely sure how to optimize my profile.


When I initially attempted too build my profile ( a few hours ago), I didn't see a category that fit my skill-set. Would it be harmful to my profile to come up with my own?


Expanding on the previous paragraph, I'm not really sure how to define what I do. That may be a lack of creativity, but I simply don't know how to say it with the right "buzz words." My ignorance is apparent here, but I am grateful for all the feedback I have received so far.


To respond to your statement regarding the resources this site provides:

I am still reading through all of the information, I may have jumped the gun by asking the community a question that could have been answered already. I've gottten through a few articles, but I have not read all of them yet.





No worries, Joseph. 

It also helps to ask questions so that people can point you to the right direction. I've checked on the job categories and you should be able to check any from the legal category. 

I think you wanted to clarify whether you can come up with a unique job title (and not a category)? As long as the job title can summarize your skills and exeprience in a few words, and you think your clients will able to get insight on what it is you do, you can try it out. 

Remember, you are free to change your job title, skills, categories, overview at any time you see fit, and especially if you think that what you currently have on your profile does not work to market you.


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 12.47.01 PM.png

~ Avery

Hi Avery:


Thank you again for responding. I think a few of my issues can be resolved simply by reading a bit more and toying around with my options on this site. Again, it's hard to wrap my head around how quick and concise the responses I received have been; it is a testament to the quality of the community I think.