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Looking for the right guide

I'm looking for a guide to read specifically about the process of getting an offer, contract, and how to begin clocking hours, etc. Basically what to do if one of my proposals is accepted. A client is considering hiring me but is thinking it over because I appear overqualified. I want to be ready for what's next in case I sent an offer. Does accepting an offer automatically generate a contract and do I need a separate contract or is that one sufficient? I see a lot of suggestions to make a contract and I just want to know if Upwork auto-generates one and if it is enough?

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Thanks for the link, but not what I was searching for. That was more of a homepage for their website with informational links, but no worries. I've since found the legal info section and the articles that've proved helpful. I'm reading up on the differences between Payment Protection and Upwork Payroll now. Thanks anyways.

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Nevermind, everyone. I've located the articles and a guide from 2018 at least so I have enough info for now. Thank you!


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