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Looking for web app development projects

Am new to upwork and seriously looking for work

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That is not how this works.

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Welcome. We are all looking for work, but you need to apply for jobs through the correct channels. Please see this guide to how Upwork works. https://www.upwork.com/i/how-it-works/freelancer/

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I checked out your Upwork profile and it needs some work before you can even think about getting attention from prospective clients.

Some issues I could notice immediately.

- Grammatical errors

- No real case studies. I see one project posted under portfolio but when I opened it, it just has a pic of some app and some copy-pasted text from the app website. It does not show what you did for this client exactly, what challenges you faced and how you overcame those, how it helped the client improve their business and what kind of results they experienced owing to your work.

- A profile that jumps between mobile development, Python development and customer representative. Choose and display one skill, if you need some serious attention, at least when you are starting out. 

- No video intro to actually show up your face and your communication skills to a visiting client (How do they know you are a real person, how do they know you have  the communication skills you claim to have. It is more about creating trust and establishing credentials through your profile first. Talking about your skills alone won't fetch results. There are plenty of mobile app developers on Upwork).


I am only getting started ... 🙂

But I hope it helps. Try looking at the profiles of top mobile app developers/agencies on Upwork. Don't copy them but try to get the idea.


All the best!



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