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Loss of job success rate from 100% to 70% in one week


I have just discovered that I have lost my 100% job success rate. I only had 100% happy clients and now my success rate has dropped dramatically to 70% in one week. Why? What did I do wrong? I have not asked for a refund or ended a contract from my end. Also, my rising talent badge is gone too. 

I would be very thankful to know why this has happened and what I can do to go back my 100% job success rate again. 





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Community Manager

Hi Ingrid,

Thank you for your message. My name is Mike and I am part of the Talent Success team here at Upwork. First, I wanted to note that, when you receive a Job Success Score, you graduate from the Rising Talent program and begin working toward earning a Top Rated badge. This results in the loss of the Rising Talent badge.


There are a number of factors that can cause your JSS to decrease:

  • You receive neutral or poor public or private feedback from one or more clients.
  • A higher-value job is added to your score, and outweighs lower-value jobs.
  • Jobs with no feedback or recent payment have become counted in your score, either because they were closed or because several months have passed since you received a payment.

While we can't disclose the specifics of why your score dropped, here are some tips that you can consider to help increase your score:

  • Set yourself up for success by only submitting proposals and accepting offers when you are confident that you have the skills, experience and availability to deliver great work.
  • Deliver great work and communicate early and frequently with your clients to make sure your work is aligned with your client's expectations.
  • Close a contract right away if you and a client decide not to work together or a client is unresponsive.
  • Ask clients to close the contract as soon as possible if the work on the project is done.
  • Maintain your longer-term relationships with clients over one or multiple contracts.

You can read more tips about improving your score in this article. This blog post also has additional info about the calculations.


I hope this helps!

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Are you sure you even had a JSS? You can't have a JSS and rising talent at the same time, and if you just lost RT, and with your low number of jobs, I suspect this is your first JSS.

The reason is not great private feedback, the public stars and reviews mean little to the JSS algorithm. 

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