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Lost proposal?

I spent the evening finalizing my first proposal. When submitted, it went to a page asking for ID which I uploaded. I expected to then go back to the proposal or for it to be successfully submitted. I don't see it anywhere. Did I waste all that time?

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Hello Marie,


Unfortunately, you can no longer retrieve that proposal. I just also checked your account and I could see that you are not yet finished creating your profile. You may read this article to help you creating a 100% profile. Thank you!


I can't begin to tell you how detailed that proposal was. I'm pretty verklempt.

I feel you. I've lost 3 recently. Grrrr.... and not because of an incomplete profile.

Copy and paste the proposal somewhere safe on your computer before submitting it.


Webpages and forms eventually time-out. You may not know when that happened. You can't be certain that a form that is showing in your web browser will actually work if it has been displayed for a while. The browser or server session could be timed out and you will lose your work.

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