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Low star rating from the client

Hello, everyone.

I'm kinda newbie here so i'm trying to get things clear for me.


Here's the picture.

I've made a project for a client, printed brochure. In the talks - we where fine, client were sending the comments and they were done momentally... bla-bla-bla. He was out sometimes for a 2-4 days, but its ok... All fine till the end of the contract. I've gave him 5.0 star. day after - i've got 3.8.

Thats ruined my "weeks for a top rated badge". JSS droped from 100% to 88%.


The question is - is it ok, that good completed project, possibly can be underrated and any client in whatever he had in mind can place a 0.0 rating for a good job to anyone?

How to fix it?


Thanks in advance for an advice!

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Seems like, I have asked the rhetorical question.
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Vadim,


Sorry to hear that you received feedback that you disagree with. Please note that feedback feature on Upwork allows clients and freelancers to share their own personal opinion and experience working with each other. Upwork doesn't investigate feedback unless it violated TOS but offers a few options for users who don't agree with feedback (please see this post for more information.) 


We do advise that freelancers and clients discuss their expectations with each other when setting up contracts to avoid any misunderstanding later on.


Thank you!

~ Bojan

Thanks you, Bojan!

I hope it works!

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