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[MUST WATCH] One Big Mistake Of New Freelancer!


we everyone was new once.

And we know that sending a proposal is one of the first options to get hired.

I have recently posted a project for one of my tasks that needed to be done.

And the biggest mistake we all did and still I can see that 80% of sellers do is 

1) Never read or understand what the buyer actually looking for.

Example: A buyer asking for WordPress website migration 

and 70% of Sellers with big details with where and when they have created a WordPress website their portfolio, their experience, 

come-on I don't want to see how many websites you have created so far, I just need my WordPress website migration.


2)if the buyer put $5 for 1000 YouTube subscribers they are looking for.

70% seller place bid for $5 

NOH! Don't do it!

can you ever bring 1000 YouTube Subscribers for $5? no then why did you have placed a bid with $5?

You should clearly say that I will charge $xxx for 1000 YouTube subscribers.

If your bid is higher than the buyer's budget, Clearly mention this while submitting the request.

"I have checked that you have $5 budget for 1000 Subscribers but collecting 1000 Subscribers for $5 is not possible for anyone because  ................

.................................... ( you know why you cannot do it in the buyer's budget )


3)Asking the buyer to contact before hiring.

This breaks the buyer's heart because they know you have never read or understood their work details

and when someone posts a project the main thing why they posted it is because they don't want to waste their time 

contacting multiple sellers in their inbox.


Example: I have posted a project " I am looking for someone who can bring 10,000 Spotify REAL USA Plays in 7 days"

proposal1: I can Collect 10,000 Spotify REAL USA Plays in 5 days for $xxx

proposal 2:I can Collect 10,000 Spotify REAL USA | Premium Plays | many followers | save and playlist added but please contact me before ordering...


Whom you will hire?

Surely proposal 1

The person who asked you to contact before hiring because you know he offers more service but he/she will increase the price you will just ignore him/her whatever he/she offers better service or lower price.


LAST but the main mistake!

Never post a paragraph while sending a proposal,

No one have time to read

When you have started freelancing

Why this work is important for you

How many similar projects you have completed before

What is your rating in upwork 

What is your upwork level ( they can watch it if they want by clicking on your profile )

!!Post A small short detail!!

that you can do it and how you will do it, why the buyer should hire you.




Update me on how it worked for you.

Need Help?

Ask me any questions, I do not Charge, its free 😉 

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Siddik, I couldn't have said it much better myself. Bravo! Great advice for new freelancers.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce
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Thanks my dear,

I will update this post regularly with anyone looking for help so don't forget to check the post regularly...

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Really great post. Can you please give an example of "why the buyer should hire you."

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it depends on the buyer's requeirement.

Example: the buyer is looking for 500 Fake youtube views ( this is just an example ) .

You can say you are looking for 500 fake youtube views for $5 but I can collect 500 real youtube views for just $7 
you spent just $2 extra and get it all real.


AGAIN! this is just an example...

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Let's bump up this post, it will help other new sellers.

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