Main service - New profile

Hi everybody, i'm new on UpWork.
I just made the registration and now i'm filling the first form which is that of the main services.
Now i'm working as a Junior Java Developer, but in the past also did:
- Data entry

- Social Media Manager (I've two certification)

- Wrote articles for an online journal

So my question is:
- Which is the better voice to select in the "main services"?


Thank you all for your attention.


You should list the main job you'd like to do.


I have experience as an administrator, events manager and translator - but I enjoy working with Wordpress and those are the jobs I like, so that's what my profile is about.

Ok, sounds good for the Main Service.

But what do you think about the skills? Is better write all of my skills or only the skills about the main service?

Thank you