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Making my Freelance profile visible

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David C Member Since: Apr 24, 2019
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When I posted a question about being a new Freelancer and why my profile, shown as available, is no shown in a search of Upwork Freelancers, I received the following explanation:


"We're reaching out to you as your concern about your profile not visible in search was escalated to the Customer Support team.

Upon checking, your profile is newly created and currently at 40% complete. Please be informed that we are continuously tuning the algorithms we use to determine where freelancers appear in search results; as we make these changes your position and visibility may change over time. These efforts make Upwork more of a meritocracy than ever before; ultimately, the best way to improve your position or be visible in search is to take steps to improve your standing in the Upwork marketplace, such as making your profile as accurate and complete as possible; customizing cover letters in job applications that you send; responding promptly to invitations; successfully completing contracts; etc."


I am confused by this response.  When I viewed my profile it is not showing anything that is incomplete. And I don't see a way to edit it if I wanted to make a change.  If there is some more information that must be added, please let me know the area and other specifics. 


As I am not visible and have not applied for any job applications at Upwork I don't know why customizing covers letters would be appropriate.  As I am not visible I have no invitations and no contracts.  So please help me understand, when no one can see my profile how I am supposed to improve my standing in the Upwork market place, which requires that people be able to see my profile so that I have the chance to do some work. 


Or as someone who is new am I required to pay the monthly $10 fee for an enhanced level of Freelancing to insure my profile is displayed?


Thanks much.

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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As a new freelancer I would not want to even think about being found in searches. You will likely have to apply (lots) and any unsolicited invites will be attempts to scam you.


You will likely start being found in searches after you have successfully completed a few contracts, which will have been won via proposals you actively sent out in response to job postings.


The vast majority of new freelancers never earn a single Dollar, so the idea that you would create a profile and then sit back and wait to be invited is beyond unrealistic.


Your best chance to get somewhere is to apply to job postings many, many times for days, weeks or even months.  The chance of getting hired purely from having created a profile is very close to nil.


Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi David,


I apologize for the inconvenience this caused. Once logged into your account, on the Find Work tab, you should be able to locate the bar, on the right side of the screen, that indicates your profile completeness. 


There are many ways to get to 100% completed profile, but some items are required. To reach the initial 60% you’ll need a photo, title, overview, and at least one entry each for education, employment history, and skill tags. Please check this help article.


Please read this help article to find out how to Find Work and how to submit proposals for jobs that you find to suit your skills and experience. Make sure you check resources in this post to help you get started.


Thank you.

~ Bojan

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