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Manual adding of hours

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Tom G Member Since: Feb 20, 2017
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My client pays monthly so at the end of a month, they send me the total hours to enter manually here on UPWORK. I do not see where to add 100 or more hours at one time. Please direct me to instructions for this.


Tom Gibbs

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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lol tell him that's not the way it works


do you even have a contract? Need to tell him to read the way upwork works cuz you get paid once a week and he can go crawl under a rock with that monthy poop

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Amy T Member Since: Jan 31, 2013
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Click on go to Upwork home page and be sure you are logged in. Click on "My Jobs" on the top bar then select "Work Diary." Select your client  and the big green button on the right should show "Add Manual TIme." Click on that and add the time.



This is all valid of course, IF you have a contract in place and the client allows manual time (and even that may be limited). And also note that Upwork does not guarantee manual time.

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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I'd like to know how the client is telling him the number of hours he worked. Doesn't he know this? lol

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Amy T Member Since: Jan 31, 2013
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One would think!

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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What you are saying is theoretically possible... A client could pay any amount they want to pay at "the end of the month" using a bonus payment.


But this is not how Upwork is meant to be used.

And no rational freelancer would agree to this.


With an hourly contract, freelancers are meant to actually log time using the automatic time-tracker application OR use the work diary to add manually-logged hours.


You're supposed to log time for the actual hours you work. For example, if you worked from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., you would log into the work diary and enter that start time and end time. You would not enter "2 hours." You would enter "9:00 a.m." for the start time and "11:00 a.m." for the end time, and the work diary would automatically calculate two hours for you.


So you can't actually add all your hours for the month at the end of the month, because a freelancer can only add hours for the current week.


Once a week has ended, there is no way to add hours for that week. Even if the week ended one minute ago. It's too late.


So if a client paid you with the "pay bonus" tool, instead of letting you log hours manually or with the desktop app, then you would not receive credit for those hours on your Upwork profile page. Sometimes accumulating hours is a great thing to demonstrate experience and stand out when clients are considering who to hire. Getting paid at the end of the month would not gain you any hours at all.


And it is completely on the honor system. That's a bad thing for you, the freelancer.


If you properly log hours with the time-tracker, you will be paid automatically and you will be protected by Upwork's Payment Protection plan. That means Upwork will pay you even if the client's credit card fails or if the client tries to get away without paying. That's great, right?


If you log hours manually, there is no payment protection, but at least you are paid automatically. Money is automatically charged to the client's credit card and that money is sent to you.


That's still pretty good.


But getting paid at the end of the month? That only happens if the client feels like paying you. Upwork has no rule that requires the client to pay. There's no guarantee. If the client does not pay, then there would be nothing you can do about it. If you complained to Customer Support they would tell you that's too bad. They don't get involved in bonus payments. Those are between you and the client.