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Manual time vs screen shot system

I agreed to do a test project for a client here on Upwork. I got so nervous, since I'm new, that I didn't turn on the Upwork timer to do the project. I knew I could do it, I just wanted to make sure that I could do it. I spent more time on it than I agreed. Should I redo the project with the Upwork system turned on to capture my screen shots? I'm ok just billing for the time I agreed to. 


Do not redo the work. As manual time to your work diary.

Should I explain to the client that I just did manual time?

re: "Should I explain to the client that I just did manual time?"


I wouldn't.


The client presumably knows what manual time is, as it was the client who authorized manual time when setting up the contract.


Honestly, most honest clients don't really care that much if your time is logged manually or using the time-tracker. The time-tracker is great benefit to you as a freelancer in case you end up dealing with a dishonest client or somebody whose credit card can't be charged. Because Upwork may still pay you if you followed the rules for Payment Protection.


But what most clients are going to look at is the quality of the work you provided, and the amount they were charged. And if they are happy with that, your manual time versus time-tracker-logged time is not a big issue.


In the future, I recommend using the time-tracker as much as possible, because it is safer for you.

@Preston H wrote:

re: "Should I explain to the client that I just did manual time?"


I wouldn't.

 I would.


I would NEVER add manual time without the client's knowledge, even if manual time is enabled. Clients expect time to be tracked properly by default, with manual time being something that is done by agreement or for "situations."



Hi Matt!



Good job in completing the project! Instead of re-doing the work, I would suggest for you to talk to your client to inform him about what happened. Then kindly ask if it's possible for you to add the hours manually. They have the option to enable or disable manual time on your contract. If they enable manual time, you’ll be able to use the Add manual time button in your Diary.