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Many inactive clients

I noticed, that there are many inactive clients here on Upwork, they just post a job and forget about it, they don't bother to have any interaction with any freelancer (who has applied) whatsoever, and as a freelancer we end up wasting our connects which are limited, so is there anything we can do about it, or any way to identify these clients or any way to get those connects back, please help.


P.S. I am posting this query again, first time, I posted it in a wrong category.




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Hi Hardeep,


Don't worry about your connect. You have to know that it's better for you to have an expired offer than having a client whi hires someone else. Simply, because with the kind of clients you are talking about, "they forgot about the jobs" - you said. So their offers turns into expired.
Now note that, Once an offer is expired, your connect will be back to you 😉

Hope this was clear,
And wish you all the best !

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