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I'm getting that first job I've been waiting for and have the first milestone. I asked a question to the client to see if a little part of the work is correct but I am not receiving any answer in 24h which is blocking me in doing the whole first work (which is a 10% of the complete job). 


All right, the thing is that I'd like to know how it works because I'm not sure to interpret correctly all the parameters here. Let's see, in the job offer is see this: 


Hires: 4

Interviewing: 3



How should I interpret this?

Why does the client need 4 hires? Is it not enough with 1 who win the bid and get the job?

Should I interpret that 4 hires -3 interviewer = 1 winner?

Is other people doing exactly the same as I am doing?

Could it be a scam in which 10 guys doing a 10% do the whole thing for free? the milestone would be a great tool to do it.


As I'm not receiving any answer, should I complete this 10% work which will cost me 2 hours and a half?


Why does this client not respond?



Thank you.


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Hi Eric,


It means that they actually hired 4 people for the job. It could be for several reasons:


1) The client is testing each of you all for the project to see who is the most capable for the job.

2) They may be want each of the hires to do one part of the project.

3) Or they may have hired you then found a more suitable candidate for the job and hired them.


#3 happened to me but in my case it was because the client went with someone cheaper.


Was the milestone funded?

Ok, I didn't know that it was even possible to do that !


The #3 option is not cool !



$20.00 funded

Milestone: firm names no ids (10k to 20k)

Due Mar 28

$0.00 paid of $200.00


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Hires: 4 means that four people are hired on the job.


You deliver the work that is worth the escrowed amount and you request the release of the milestone. If the client escrowed $100, you deliver that much work.


If you don't hear from them after a while, you send them a nice note asking them politely if they need anything else and to close the job if they don't.


If you don't hear from them after a week of two and if the job is still active, you close it.

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Great answer. Thanks. 


The client did not answer to a verification of the data. That is just it. May be it's not a big deal but I can't figure why people just don't answer. 

Eric, if by verification of data you mean you submitted the work required for milestone 1, then if I were you I'd go ahead and request milestone approval, and perhaps send a message to the client about it. Sometimes when I do that, I describe it as a formality, though really you're ensuring that in the worst case you'll be paid in 14 days.

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Thanks, John. This is just what I'm doing right now!


Well, we'll see but I'd like the client to be more responsive and fluent communicating. May be WebScraping & Crawling is more time sensitive than I thought.