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Milestone and escrow amount



I am working on a fixed-priced contract and submitted the first milestone 2 weeks ago. We agreed on a price per milestone (200$) and now she submits the work after review and has put only 50$ in escrow. 

The project price is indicated for 200$ but as I understand, if the client fails to respond after a 14-day review period, I only get the amount held in escrow.

I asked her to correct it but unfortunately got no answer.

I would appreciate your help regarding this matter!

Kind regards,


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Unfortunately you will be facing such clients every now and then, I usually prefer the hourly rate, Letting the client to use time tracker while I am working on his project so he can track the time and the work without me sending him the work and waiting to get paid. Also you can dispute your payment with Upwork, they have the contracr, and the agreement and everything they need to get you the rest of your amount.

Hope that was useful 😁

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