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Missing skillset

Hi, I am not seeing the skillset I am going to offer to potential customers. I have suggested it to Upwork but nothing changed.

Any suggestions?




Hi Sergi,


Could you please share more information about your concern so that we can assist you accordingly?


Thank you,

~ Nikola

Hi Nikola, 

Many Thanks for your feedback. 

I am going to start freelancing but I can not find the skill set in your skillset database provided.

I am a cloud security consultant and would like to offer my extesnsive knowledge and expertise in that space. Skills I need to add to my profile are Azure Sentinel, Kusto Query Langauge (KQL ), Azure DevSecOps, Azure Cloud Security, Azure Security Alerting and Logging 

I did suggest above skills to added to your database it but I dont see it has been addressed.

Please, let me know if you need any reference links to validate the skills. Having said that I have already sumbitted the links. The issue is a blocker for any further activity on the Upwork.


Many Thanks


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sergi,


We appreciate the follow-up. I can confirm our team received the suggestions you submitted and I from my end shared your request to include the skills you mentioned for our team's further consideration. Thank you for sharing your experience and suggestion in the Community.

In the meantime, if you'd like to complete your profile and start working on Upwork, you can consider selecting skills and specialities which are closest to the ones you mentioned and include them in your profile overview.


Hi Vladmir,

Thanks for the feedback.

I would prefer to wait for additional skills added than would complete my profile.

Hopefully, I will be notified when the suggested skills added.


Many Thanks