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Mistake on weekly report



I posted this in an other area, but realize it might be more appropriate here.

I have a client who accidentally set up a weekly salary for me. I have refunded her a couple of times now (and have encouraged her to close our account now that the job is finished so this doesn't happen again). I saw that another payment was coming through on the 1st of May, so I went ahead and refunded it. But now, looking at my report this week, I see the 250 refunded to my client, but I don't see the original payment from 5/1 on my weekly report so my  pay is shorted. I know that this is complicated so I'm pasting a screen shot here. How do I fix this?


Hello Diane,


I'll have one of our customer support agents reach out to you directly and assist you further.


Thank you

Pradeep H.

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