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Multiple clients but no work

 Hi, I'm new in Upwork but there's a thing that I don't feel comfortable. So I've been searching for clients so I can cover around 40 hours per week. After a lot of patience and waiting I was able to get a few clients. Currently, I have 2 clients that though they show online in the Upwork chat they haven't provide me with any work for around 5 weeks. Every time that I ask them about this issue they tell me that there's upcoming work (this was a few weeks ago). And, because I'm new in Upwork I'm afraid on how to proceed on this type of situations. I thought on telling them to close the contract but I'm afraid of a bad review. I'll be thankful for any advise. Thanks.

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Hi Cesar,

It is best to try to reach out to the clients to confirm that they don't have any work for you to do and it would be advisable that you request your clients to close your contracts from their end if work won't be coming in soon. If you don't hear back from the clients for a while, you can go ahead and close those contracts yourself. Closing a job won't affect your JSS by itself but a pattern of contracts without feedback from clients can, which is why it is often suggested to have clients close out a contract.


Thanks for the advise Nina, I'm really scared because I really want to build a good profile but this type of things can be challenging for new people. Thanks!

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