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Multiple freelancers for the same project

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Kat M Member Since: Apr 4, 2017
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Hi, I've taken a look but I can't seem to find the answer -- perhaps i need to hire a freelancer to dig through Help section... anyway, please forgive the noob.

I have created my first job on Upwork and I have originally intended to hire only one freelancer to complete it. However I have identified two candidatures I'm interested in and I would like to assign the same job to these two people. It is a literature search so it could benefit from two different perspectives plus like this I could evaluate the freelancers I could then hire on an ongoing basis. I would pay the full price to each freelancer, obviously.

My question is: is that doable (i.e. can I hire and pay two freelancers for the same job) and what do I need to know? 

Many thanks in advance

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Kat,


Yes, you can hire multiple freelancers fro the same job and have individual contracts with all of them. Please follow the instructions outlined in this Help article, review these client resources for additional insight into the Upwork features and processes, and let me know if you need further assistance.

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Chris A Member Since: Jun 12, 2018
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The help article talks about hiring just one freelancer.

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Chris,


You will need to send a separate offer to each freelancer and outline the terms of the contract. Once freelancers accept the offers, a contract will be created for each of them. 

~ Bojan