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Mutiple addresses and W9 vs location

I feel like I'm in the endless do-loop here.  My physical address is in California at the moment.  My business (and residency) is in Florida.  Both my business and my personal taxes are filed with a permanent Florida address.  It's all good in that I file in California as an out of state resident (and the business is also registered as such) when I'm doing work in California.  I file in Florida or the state I'm performing the work in for other projects.  Upwork seems to not be able to deal with this.   I must give my California location because there is a 3 hour time difference between CA and FL and I want the potential clients to know where they can expect to find me right now.  When I update my W9 address it updates my "location" on the profile.  When I update my "location" address it updates the W9.  Has anyone dealt with this?  Should I leave well enough alone (with a CA address everywhere) until end of year and then update the W9?  Thanks for assisance. 

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Hi David,


We'll have one of our support agents reach out to you and assist you with submitting your W-9 form with appropriate information.



~ Valeria

Great.  I will look forward to that contact.  Should I expect an email?

Hi David,


I apologize for the delay, I'll ask someone from the team to follow up with you as soon as possible and assist you directly via ticket. Thank you for your patience.

~ Bojan
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I'm in the same exact boat. It's strange that the tax location and regular location are not just separate.

Hi Eric,


Unfortunately, we don't have an option to choose a separate address for the account contact information and W-9 form and they will need to match.

~ Valeria

What do you recommend I do then? The corporation location is not near the
city I live in.
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