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My Client is NOT Paying me.

Hello everyone.. i am so new here in Upwork. I’m quite disappointed with my first client cos he asked me so many tasks to be done and until now he’s still not paying me. Is it still possible that i will be able to get my payments from him and is there any way for me get it? Thank you in advance for the response.
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Hi Rachelle,

Unfortunately I can confirm that you were not hired on a official contract. In order to be eligible for our Upwork Payment Protection you will need to be hired on a official contract.
Where did you communicate with your client about this tasks?
I would also strongly advise you to check out the Safety first section on this Thread and learn more on how to protect yourself.

~ Goran
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Hello Rachelle,


This thing happens with a-lot of new freelancers, because they are unaware how this system works.

You must have been hired to get your payment from the client. Check under MY JOBS section from top menu. If there is a job that means you are hired for this job. Submit that job to your client after submitting you will get your payment.

But if nothing appears after clicking on MY JOB section this means you are not hired for any project.
So please Be assure that you have actually been hired by the client before working on any project.


As I've stated previously numerous times, I'm absolutely amazed (not in a positive manner) when new Freelancers (or Clients for that matter) just jump into Upwork without educating themselves first.  IMO there's absolutely no excuse for this as there's such an abundance of helpful information (some that's absolutely necessary) to read, view...


As I've also asked before-would someone get into a vehicle and drive it without first learning how?  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes; evidently and quite unfortunately for themselves and others some would...     

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