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Re: My First Hourly Project

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Prashant B Member Since: Feb 20, 2017
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I got my first job offer today. It's an Hourly job and I am about to use the Upwork Desktop Application for the first time. I have a few queries regarding the whole process:
- Firstly, I am on a LAN with two PC's. The project needs to be done in multiple stages which require me to switch between the two PC's I have. I hope it is feasible that I install the Upwork Desktop App on both the PC's and track my time from whichever PC I log on from.
- Secondly, I need to know if I can work on multiple projects concurrently. Suppose I have two or more hourly projects going on, how would I proceed? Would I be able to work on both the projects from my two PC's (on the same LAN), at the same time or do I need to switch between the two one at a time.
- Thirdly, while working and tracking my time online, what if my Internet Connection goes down for a while or if the Site is down owing to regular Maintenance? how would my time be tracked then?
- Lastly, I read someone saying something about "Adding Hours Manualy on Upwork..."what does it mean? When and how does it work?
I need some guidance on these initial doubts.
Thanks for your response.
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Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Prashant,


To follow up on the information Shawon shared, you can track time on to computers but will need to turn the Desktop app off on the first one before you can start logging time on the other.


You can't use the Desktop app and track time on multiple contracts at the same time, and bill two or more clients for the same time segment which represents time you've spent working on their contract.


Regarding logging time while working offline, Desktop app has a time-caching mode that can hold up to four hours of cached time, which will be automatically uploaded to your Work Diary once the connection is reestablished.


You can add manual hours to your Work Diary as explained here, but note that manual hours are not covered by Hourly Payment Protection.


Please review these resources for more information, make sure the contract and your time is logged in accordance with the Hourly Payment Protection requirements, and let us know if you have any other questions.


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