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My application appears to have been instantly approved?

Hi guys,


I'm just a little confused here; I spent a good hour meticulously filling out my application to join Upwork as a freelancer, and understood my application would be reviewed within 24 hours. When I clicked submit, I was immediately redirected to selecting a Free or Pro plan (I chose Free for now), and able to search and submit proposals to jobs immediately.


I mean, I'm happy I appear to have been accepted, but did anyone even see my application? Why was I immediately allowed into my account? Just seems a little odd, that's all.


Kind regards,





Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Luke, 

Congratulations on your approved account.
The time for our team to review your account depends on the pending applications, sometimes there is few applications and our team is able to review them right away. 

~ Goran
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