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My bids aren't being received and I'm not receiving invitations to jobs

When none of my 6 proposals were answered at all, I had a sneaking suspicion that my proposals were being blocked. A friend of mine created a job, I applied to it, and my application mysteriously never showed up for them. Then, I had them invite me to the job. The invitation never showed up for me. I need to know if this is being done deliberately for some reason so I don't waste hours writing proposals or if this is just some kind of bug. It was a simple little short story proofreading task and nothing I'm not qualified to work on.

If proposals are thrown away without clients ever seeing them and we aren't told, PLUS, if invitations are deliberately blocked to a new person in favor of getting experienced folks some work, then I think that's absolutely ridiculous. How am I supposed to get any jobs under these circumstances?