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My client don't give me my money or answering me

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Kareem F Member Since: Mar 8, 2017
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Hello ,
First of all i started this topic because i can't find anyone tell me is that normal or help me with having my right !!

I submit my proposal to work and she accepted to hire me and we started the work and i finished it prefectly , she was satisfied from the work so she asked for more job to a new price and all will be calculated in the end so i accept and start to do it by all the requirements , then i finished it all too so she told me i will finish the job tomorrow and i agreed , till now it's still opened my account has no money added and she was online from the morning till now . I send 3 messeges to her but she didn't answer me ?
What should i do . Please help me
Community Manager
Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Kareem,


I see you used the Milestone submission button yesterday and your client now has 13 days to respond to your release request. If they don't respond, the funds will be released to you automatically as explained in this Help article.


If the additional work you completed wasn't covered by this Milestone, you'll need to discuss payment for it with your client directly and ask them to set up and release another Milestone or issue a bonus payment. Note that only funded Milestones are covered by Payment Protection and you should start working only once the previous Milestone has been approved and the new one funded for the agreed amount.