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My experience on upwork

Hello everyone!


I was hesitant about participating but thought sharing and communicating with the wonderful upwork community would be a good choice.


I'm new to upwork and managed to earn 1k in a couple of weeks. I was pretty amazed and inspired by the whole experience. I'm an academic working at a higher education institution in the UK. Yet, it isn't ideal to live on short-term contracts. It made me feel that my expertise and skills weren't appreciated and undervalued resulting in not getting something permanent. Thus, I was determined to be more independent this year (2024) but wasn't sure where and how to begin. 


Don't laugh, but I shared my problem with AI, and it advised me to give upwork a shot. Man, this might be one of the best recommendations I've received. You see, I've always been resilient and determined, but my issue was executing my energy in the wrong places. In terms of measurement, I managed to convince clients to use my services in a matter of days compared to wasting years of my life hunting jobs to end up disappointed.


I'm sharing my experience because I don't want some of you to be discouraged or worried when your proposals aren't viewed or accepted. Keep doing what you're doing, and the results will come (this is where upwork excels). Your hard work, talent, and resilience aren't wasted because each step takes you closer to your goals, from verifying your account to having a rising talent badge, updating the earnings on your profile, Job Success Score (JSS), and getting good feedback. It all adds up and will help you build your reputation. As a psychologist, I believe the business model of upwork is genius and is designed by very bright people. Again, there will always be challenges and times of doubt, and that's how we grow. I also found upwork's tutorials helpful in guiding me through the process, so I recommend everyone checking them out despite their level of experience on the platform.


Another thing I appreciate about the platform is its diversity. Upwork excels where others fall short in this aspect. You see, upwork doesn't need to tell us about how wonderful or great equality or diversity are because they've already implemented these concepts and values in every bit of the platform. Seeing is believing, and actions speak louder than words. We see people from all over the world with different backgrounds and accents getting hired because of their talent and high-quality work and not because of the colour of their skin or eyes. So, well done!


Finally, I thank the wonderful community on upwork for allowing me to express my opinions and share my story. The talented and motivated independent professionals on this platform are inspiring and prove that you can make it happen once you put your mind to something. 


Thanks for playing a key role in boosting the productivity of the globe and turning ambitions and dreams into realities.


Wishing you all a lovely and productive week 😊



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Thank you for sharing, I'm also struggling to find a foothold on Upwork lol. It's definitely a tough job but I'm more motivated after reading your post.

I'm glad you were inspired after reading the post, Tuan. Remember this is a journey and it might take some time to reach our destination. So, it's best to focus on what we have at the current moment and build on it. As long as someone is putting in the work, the results will come. Keep up the good work 👍  

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Yes, Upwork is a great professional freelancing site!


I have enjoyed it for the past 6 years.

It is, indeed, William. I wish I paid much attention to it earlier! But we can only move forward from here. 


Thanks for your support and have a good one! 

With focus and hard work, it is possible to earn seven figures on the site.


I have worked with many PhDs and professors here so your peer group uses the site frequently.

I just checked your profile on upwork, William. I didn't realise you were an Expert-Vetted professional, and the earnings speak for themselves. Wow! What you accomplished is remarkable and only a few could achieve in their lifetime. In any case, if you require any of my services, please feel free to reach out at any point.  

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