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My first job, is one big leap.

Hi everyone!

This is Ashik Ahmed an **Edited for Community Guidelines**


I don't know where to start, It has been one month since I have stepped into Upwork. My first job is still a 'big leap for a baby step'; I don't get it. It has been a month and just 3 - 4 interview calls I get and that too has no reply and left astray. I have done so much research on that and keep getting the motivational reply and nothing more than that. 


Being frank I am from Chennai, the southern part of India. My question is Upwork giving more chance to the first world country?   


I am a Startup, buying connections is still a big investment for me, hope I will get the return soon. I have attached my profile link. I kindly request you to convey to me if you find anything wrong or missing. 




Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Ashik,


I would suggest to check out our blog posts below and improve your profile further:

You can also check out this Thread and learn more about getting started on Upwork. Thank you.

~ Goran
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