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My job feed is showing searches I did not Saved Why?

Hi everyone , I had a couple of months now in upwork, I searched for a job just to se if it was available, then jobs like that are showing in my job feed. I DON'T want that to happen. 


I already went to the autoresponse bot and this thing told me to go >1. Go to the "Find Work" tab 2. Click the saved search title under "My Job Feed" on the left-hand side 3. Click the (...) menu on the right-hand side of the screen and select "Remove topic"


But when I hit the (...) it only has to options (RSS) or (Atom), when I hit them both each of them shows me a coding text from google chrom. Maybe is google chrom IDK.   But the main thing here is I looked up for data entry jobs in german and now data entry jobs are showing in my job feed, How can I make this stop since im a Data Analyst. Please help since I already watched all internet videos none of them was usefull nor upwork tutorials nor upwork autoresponse bot. PLEASEE HELP!!


Hi Sebastian,


Can you please try clearing your cache and cookies or try a different browser? If you are still having the same error, please let us know so we can investigate further. Thank you!

~ Joanne

Joanne, this morning my job feed is showing a saved search that I never created. It is showing a saved search "proofreading of book in" -- I don't proofread, I never made that search filter.


I am leaving it alone, in hopes the team can diagnose the problem. It is a bit troubling.

Hi Phyllis and Sebastian,


Just to clarify, your Saved Searches will show right under "My feed." In order for a search to be added to your feed, you need to save it. You can also remove it. On the contrary, Recent Searches get added automatically whenever a keyword is searched on that device. They are saved in cache so if you clear cache, they should disappear.


I checked and it doesn't look like either of you have saved searches. You may have Recent Searches, but those will only show on your device.

~ Valeria

I misspoke. What I'm seeing is a recent search that I did not create. I am not a proofreader and have not searched for proofreading jobs. Yet, I'm seeing that as a recent search on my Find Work screen on my Chromebook (but not on my Windows PC). Nobody else has access to either device, or to my UW account, and I'm positive I have not been sleepsearching. I can't figure out how it got there.





Unfortunately, since that information is saved in the browser cache, we don't have access to it. Once you clear your browser cache, all recent searches will disappear from your Find Work page.

~ Valeria

Thank you guys very much!! It helped me so much. Now I got my account suspended I hope I can get reinstated they told me I need to wait 48 hours to get my account back I hope it helps since I`m taking a major decision in my life as being part of


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