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My journey in upwork

My name is Nicholas, and I am a freelance Full Stack web developer. I had been trying to find clients for a while, but no luck. That's when I decided to try Upwork. After creating my profile, I started getting offers for projects almost immediately. I started off with small projects, and as I gained more experience and skills, I was able to take on larger projects. With each project, I was able to gain more experience, build my portfolio, and even increase my rates. I was able to build a steady stream of income from Upwork, and I am now working on projects for some of the biggest companies in the world. Upwork has been a positive experience for me, and I am very grateful for the opportunities it has given me. I can confidently say that Upwork has been a great success story for me.

Below is my portifolio: **Edited for Community Guidelines**

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Congrats and keep the good work going!

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Um......Member since today? Profile set to private?

Steven D wrote:

Um......Member since today? 

That date is for the Community Forum, not Upwork marketplace.

The profile says 'Member Since Mar 7, 2023', not the post date.

Mine says member since Sep 26, 2022. It's the date I joined Upwork, not the date I started posting in the forums about a month ago.

You are right. I thought I saw dfferent dates in the past.

Seems very off, 'Highly' sucessful on Upwork, yet this is the only post from the profile, and it's in the New to Upwork forum.


Looks like there was an external link that the Mods edited out.

That is incorrect. If that was true, mine would say member since Jan 10, 2023 when I ranked up to Community Member.


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