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My ticket is still open on upwork help center

Hi, Upwork support team

My ticket is still open on upwork help center

I only work with 3 clients. but JSS appeared on my profile(My Stats page) 

My JSS is 45%

Upwork send me email like following below

"Sandy December 28, 2017 09:11

Good Day, Zachary Regheb,

We are reaching out to you with regards to your concern submitted via Community about your Job Success Score not showing on your profile. We are currently looking into this issue for you. We will let you know as we have an update.

Please update this ticket by replying to this email at any time with additional information you feel will be useful. It is important to keep everything consolidated into a single ticket to be certain those working on it have all the details.
Thank you,
Upwork Customer Support"
But this ticket is still open, not solved
As I mentioned on Community, My JSS is incorrect.
Please let me know why ticket is still open
Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Zachary,

I just checked and your ticket has been escalated to our technical support, once the team has finished their investigation they will update your ticket with more details. 
If you need further help from me let me know.

~ Goran
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