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My vat number was not approved....I dont understand this at all my vat number is 100% valid

I dont undestand why my vat number was not approved its valid I use this number for years I dont get it!!!!Can somebody please explain to me whats going on?

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 Hi Stella,

Please note that the VAT number can only be accepted on Upwork if it can also be validated on the VIES website, please ensure that you are entering the same number in the same format.

Unfortunately if the VAT number is not in the format provided by VIES, Upwork won't be able to validate it.


My VAT ID is valid and i also confirmed it through VIES. However upwork doesn't approve my VAT ID. While searching through the forum I realised many cases with the same problem as mine are from Greece. Is there any explanation about this?

Hi Michail,


Someone from our team will reach out to you via support ticket in order to assist you further.



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