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NEW! Visual communication

Hey everyone!


Im trying out upwork to see if this works for me.


Im a freelance creative designer. I specialize in visual communication (Branding,Infographic, Illustration). I have added some work in my portfolio section. 



Please let me know what you think.

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It looks like you want to specialise in packaging design, is that the case? You need more portfolio pieces, and your profile is extremely vague; I would recommend that you clarify your niche and your area(s) of expertise, and explain exactly what benefits you will bring to your clients. Saying things like "I'm creative and passionate" doesn't tell me anything. You should re-think your hourly rate as well; you're putting yourself into a weird position in that it's a bit too high to attract cheapskate clients, but too low to inspire confidence in good clients (those are basically the only two types of clients on Upwork, so if you try to inhabit some kind of mediocre middle-ground, you won't get anywhere).


You've got some nice logo concepts, so if you have any companion pieces to go with them, branding guidelines, case studies and so on, you could have a specialsed profile for branding; a specialised packaging profile might be a good idea as well. If you position yourself as an expert in specific areas, you're more likely to attract good clients.


Thanks Christine for your feedback i appreciate it alot. 

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