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Name Change (shortened name to full name??)



I'm new to Upwork and only have been active for about 1 month. Today I received a notification bar on top that asks if I want to get an identity verfied badge, so I was like why not. And then I realize the current name I registered is a short-form of my whole name. As a Hong Konger my name has three chinese (surname + 2 given name) + 1 english name (4 words in total in the ID), and I usually only go by my english name + surname. 


I don't dare to do any changes or verification without consulting Upwork staff first, because I saw some accounts saying they got suspended. Please reply or reach out via email! Thanks a lot.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Gee,


Thanks for reaching out to us. I checked and it seems that you have an open ticket regarding your concern. Kindly, allow time for our team to carefully review your request. You will be notified of their response.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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